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In an effort to better serve you Chicago Studio City has strategic parters on site to assist with all your needs.
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RV and Truck Rental

You can count on each and every one of our vehicles to include dependable, onboard diesel generators; WiFi/Internet capabilities; and spacious interiors customized for all hair, makeup, and wardrobe needs. Our reasonable rates include a driver and fuel.

Dark Catt Studios

Film, Production, Camera op, Steadicam, Drone work

Dark Catt Studios is an independently owned and operated multimedia production company located in Chicago. . Whether it be documentary work, political/ non-profit work, or to help a script become more than a page, we are here. We started as a concept in 2012 in the trenches doing documentary work and freelance video journalism, and out of that we grew to take on more creative projects. We now have several ventures underway, from full features films and T.V. pilots to shorter term documentary and simple multimedia projects. We have the ability to scale to meet your campaign or projects needs and have the expertise to make your ideas come to fruition.

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Camera Sales, IT Sales and Service, Marketing and Automation Consulting, Post Production,

A void of resources and knowledge exists within Information Technology and the creative industry in relation with obtaining the right tools to service customers. Obtaining equipment such as high tech cameras and motion tracking gear, as well as rendering farms and data storage solutions are lacking. In an effort to fill this void we aim to sell a complete portfolio of IT products from major manufactures including but not limited to HP, IBM, EMC, along with services such as installation, training, and security. In addition, we intend to sell pro audio and camera gear (Red Camera, Canon, Sony, Arri, Shure, Mackie, etc), along with certifying what IT will work together with AV components. We help our customers take their business one step further by providing marketing services such as design, social media consulting, search engine optimization, media campaigns, and Big Data Analytics, while also offering

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